Domestic Services

European Removals

Take on a remover who’s confident on the continent.

When it comes to Europe, our vans are always coming and going. A single crew can manage every aspect of collection and delivery to and from anywhere accessible by ship and road – whether it’s Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Switzerland or beyond. Alternatively, if you are only shipping a few items, then we can use the services of European agents to transport your property in order to keep costs to a minimum.

As you would expect, a substantial portion of our work involves moves to and from the United Kingdom. But we don’t just transport households and their effects – we can also take part-loads, which can work out far cheaper than hiring a man and a van. What’s more, our receiving depot in the UK means you can buy new furniture across and then have us ship it to your door, often providing a substantial saving on shopping here on the island.